Welcome to Clockwork Skies!

Clockwork Skies is a "steam and sorcery" LARP set in a world composed  of Island Nations that float high over an endless expanse of green mist; where much of the technology, cultures, and themes have a similar feel to 19th Century Earth. Clockwork Skies is an Accelerant Game and as such utilizes it's set of simple, time-tested core rules. Rather than post an extensive pdf with our rules, we present them in a wiki format to make it easier to reference and digest. All players are required to make an account for our forums, which doubles as your log-in for our character database.

The campaign began in the Spring of 2013. Our full events will run at Camp Brantwood in Greenfield, NH and our One-Day Events will run at Eagle Pass Camp in Wales, MA. Should there be any change to this, it will be posted with ample notice to the Forums, Google Group, and Facebook page.

Please note that our player cap for each event is based on our expected NPC Attendance. We aim to have our full events allow 50-60 players and our one-day events to allow 40-50 players.

2016 Schedule

Event 14: February 20th One-Day (Passed) - Player cap is 40
Event 15: April 29-May 1 (Registration Open) - Player cap is 50.
Event 16: June 3-5 (Registration Closed) - Player cap is 50.
Event 17: September 23-25
Event 18: October 14-16

2015 Schedule
Event 9: January 24th (COMPLETE)
Event 10: March 28th (COMPLETE)
Event 11: June 5-7 (COMPLETE)
Event 12: September 11-13 (COMPLETE)
Event 13: October 9-11 (COMPLETE)

2014 Schedule
Event 4: March 29 (COMPLETE)
Event 5: May 16-18 (COMPLETE)
Event 6: June 28 (COMPLETE)
Event 7: August 29-31 (COMPLETE)
Event 8: October 3-5 (COMPLETE)

2013 Schedule
Event 1: May 24-26 (COMPLETE)
Event 2: September 6-8 (COMPLETE)
Event 3: October 4-6 (COMPLETE)